About Me

🏹Lia Carstairs🏹

Muslim Book Blogger ✦ Anime Lover

Of course, seeing as how my blog is titled “Chain of Novels”, it would be presumed that I love to read. That is definitely an understatement. I LIVE to read.

It may sound over-dramatic, but seriously. I actually can’t imagine not reading. Life without books would feel empty. I once made myself not read for a month (’cause I had a book to write) and that was UTTER TORTURE. I actually felt hollow on the inside. Never again do I want a repeat of that terrible feeling.🙅

Anyways, other than reading I love watching anime and reading webtoons. An absolute favourite of mine is Tower of God. It’s bloody brilliant!😍

Lia Carstairs is the name I go by due to my 13 year old self choosing that haha. Back then, I’d just finished reading The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson, and LOVED the main character Lia, so I chose that for my username.💞 And Carstairs . . . well, you know where that comes from hehe (The Carstairs family from Cassie’s books🥺).

Oh yeah, I should probably mention where I’m from. ^-^ I’m here living in good ol’ Canada, specifically Ontario. I’m currently a high schooler and totally having so much fun with all the work *yay*😂

My older sister is the one who introduced me to Goodreads when I was 13 years old. That was the best decision she’d ever made because now I can’t imagine a life without GR xD. Reviewing books is super fun, especially when I get to express my thoughts and feelings the book gave me.

2020 is the year I decided to create a blog and I really hope to share my reviews with others on here and Goodreads!

If you ever want to reach out to me about my reading, reviewing your book(s), or anything in general contact me here: chainofnovels@gmail.com

I hope you all enjoy your time here and we can be the bestest of best friends! prtty sure ‘bestest’ isnt a word whoops


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lia! I really enjoy reading your reviews, and to be honest your website really helps me decide which books I should read next. It’s amazingg to meet another muslim book lover, like literally I feel so lonely with my friends when we are reading books because I have no one to discuss it with. I agree. BOOKS ARE LIFE. AND I WOULD DIE WITHOUT IT!!!
    If you want to be friends on good reads my name is boozysarah

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    1. Heyy Sarah! AND AHHH IM SO HAPPY MY BLOG HELPS🥺😭 Omg and I can’t believe I’ve also met another Muslim book lover?!?! Ohmygod IM SO HAPPY😭💖 AND ikr?!?! LIFE WITHOUT BOOKS IS MEANINGLESS💀 AHhh yess!!! I’d love to talk with you more on GR! Thank you so much for reaching out to me!🥺💞

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