Review Policy

I’m always open to requests for blog tours/reviewing books from authors but please check if it’s a genre I read before messaging. Also, I can’t always guarantee accepting requests depending on how busy/overloaded with work I might be, but still feel free to contact me at:

Sometimes I may not be able to complete a novel, although I will try my best – it does not guarantee my completion. Very rarely do I not finish books and if I don’t, I don’t rate the book and just mark it as did-not-finish (dnf), though I do still review it.

I will always be honest in my reviews as I do not want falsely lead other readers into thinking otherwise of a book. If I love your book I will no doubt write about how much I loved it and vice-versa.

I post all my reviews on my blog here, Chain of Novels, and on Goodreads. Depending on the situation it usually takes 2-3 days for me to finish a book and sometimes up to a week.

I accept both physical and digital copies of books.

Genres I read:

➽Young Adult



➽Science Fiction