Greek Mythology Book Tag (And I’m back!!)

***(Fanart of Percy used above is by Space Dementia)

Bonjour my fellow bookworms!✨ I know that I disappeared out of the blue for quite awhile but I’m back now after a long break! And to start off, I’m finally doing one of my tags hehe

Yes I know how ridiculously late this is, but I mean better late than never…? * nervous laughter * Maybe I’ll finally be able to catch up with all my other tags doubtful hopefully. And what better time to do this then 2 days after Percy’s birthday?🔱

Anyways, sorry for being so late and thank you May @ Dreamer of Books and Coffee for tagging me!! Truly honoured and I had so much fun putting in my answers😌 and now i feel like rereading pjo omg

Now on to the tag!

Oh yes, the cursed question bookworms fear—the “favourite book.” Like how can you even choose just one book??? The day I’m able to is the day hell freezes over, but until then I’m going to choose one of my favs of this year and that’s House of Earth and Blood. So many of my friends were telling me that I’d love HOEAB and that’s just what happened.🥰

Once upon a time, I would’ve right away said Clockwork Princess, but now… oh now The Burning God easily steals the spot. If you know, you know😭😭 That ending gave me all the feels, more specifically it destroyed what was left of my heart and even months later I still haven’t recovered. I want to say that I’d sob to my heart’s content, but I’ll never be okay. And it’s all thanks to Rebecca Kuang😘

52716736. sy475

What automatically came to mind was The Box in the Woods aka the 4th book in the Truly Devious series. Definitely the most creepiest out of the books published so far in that series😰 Imagine going camping only to find dead bodies all around and soon after be the target of the killer-

Tara Spruit Art — Adolin and Shallan as the Lovers card for my...

OMG LITERALLY I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THIS BECAUSE I AUTOMATICALLY KNEW OF THE PERFECT COUPLE. First of all though, there are way too many cute fictional couples to pick and a long time ago I would’ve definitely struggled. However, recently I’ve found a new OTP that I’d die for🥺 Adolin and Shallan are just so adorable and precious. Like that fanart above?? How does that not scream cute?? Looking at them makes me want to cry because I just love them so so much. Oh, and these two characters are from The Stormlight Archives, so this is another reminder to ADD THIS SERIES TO YOUR TBR.

Uh oh… not me putting another Sanderson book-

Okay but seriously, Sanderson really does have the best worldbuilding I’ve ever seen in any other book. His best yet (imo) is once again in The Stormlight Archives. It’s really just beyond amazing, it always just blows my mind away like how does this guy do it??

This is very cruel. I’ve honestly contemplated creating a shelf on Goodreads for gorgeous covers because omg a lot of them are just so beautiful I can’t stop staring🥺🥺 One of my favourite covers this year is the one for Chain of Iron. Lucie being on the cover made me so happy and she’s so beautiful it hurts🤧 I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE CHAIN OF THORNS COVER REVEAL🔥🔥 * manifesting James Herondale on the cover *

R.F. Kuang's Epic Poppy War Series Is Headed to Television |

AHAHAHAHA * laughs in pain * there’s no doubt about it that the whole The Poppy War trilogy is literally the most violent series I have ever read in my entire life and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon💀 I love it so much but oh the pain I went through reading the series. Thinking about it now makes me want to curl up and die😭

The one and only Jude Duarte aka the love of my life from The Folk of the Air trilogy🥺💞 Of course she’d be one of my favourite femme fatales mehehe her boldness and cunning ways – I love her so much <33

Skyward : Sanderson, Brandon: Books

There have been so many books with such beautiful messages to the point where I’d be tearing up, especially when seeing the main character follow that message🥺 Most recently Skyward is what’s done that to me. It’s human nature to care about what others say about you to the point where even you start to believe them. And seeing the message to trust in what you think about yourself more than what others say was just ❤ because in the end, we know ourselves better than anyone else in the world.

Link to my review ~ Skyward Review

Another cruel one😭😭 I’m going with not one–but TWO scorching hot characters and that is my two loves the James Herondale and Cordelia Carstairs from The Last Hours series. I love them with my entire being AND NEED TO SEE THEIR HEA OR ELSE🔪 I could literally stare at this piece of fanart all day. Stan Jordelia forever🔥

Hana Khan Carries On was a totally relatable story and probably the most relatable up to date for me. The main character Hana is Muslim (like me), lives in Canada (like me), and has to deal with Islamophobia (also like me). It’s nice reading about a character who tries to fight back against Islamophobia but also face reality that it can’t be easily fixed just like in the real world here.

10 Iconic Shadowhunters Locations - Riveted

So you see, on one hand there are soooo many places I’d die to live in😍 but on the other… I’d quite literally die if I lived in any of those places as most of them would be in set in deadly fantasy worlds😂 But if I had to choose, 100% say the Shadowhunter world (specifically in London, England) BECAUSE UM JEM CARSTAIRS?? To be able to meet Jem face to face would be a dream come true🥺🥺

The Iron Sword (The Iron Fey: Evenfall, #2)

TOO MANY. #1 on that list is most definitely Chain of Thorns along with my 2nd being House of Sky and Breath buut since both haven’t had their covers revealed yet, I’m going to go with one of my most anticipated 2022 releases that does have a cover and The Iron Sword it is! This is a spin-off series to one of my all-time favourite series in the world–The Iron Fey–and this book here is said to be in the POV of the love of my life AND first book boyfriend Ash!! I’m so so excited to read this and that cover so fits Ash, just gorgeous💙

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Feel free to ignore this if you’ve already done this tag or are too busy!! hehe and if anyone else wants to do this tag, I’d love to see your answers!

Throne of Glass Book Tag

Hello all!💕

I was tagged by Virginia @ The Sassy Library Fox back in July and am only now getting to it.😅

There were just so many good books to choose from and also, now that school has started…….I may not be able to read as much as before.😢

So, my friends, expect some delays for posts during the year. Especially since we’re doing 4 semesters, the classes will be covering the material in a really fast pace. Ahhh I’m not looking forward to that.🙈😓

Anyways, thank you Virginia for tagging me! I absolutely just love the Throne of Glass series and the prompts for this were just *chef’s kiss*😍.

✨Now……. let’s get started!✨

Okay, I just LOVE the new covers for The Iron Fey series. This year is the 10th anniversary of Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey books and the special editions are just so gorgeous.🥺

AND these books come with sneak peeks to her new book, The Iron Raven, a spin-off to the original Iron Fey series with it’s MC being PUCK. THE PUCK!!!😍 Ahhhh February 9, 2021 can’t come fast enough.😢

As much I loved reading Blood & Honey, the cover was…… ehhhh not that good.😬 I mean, it basically had the same cover as Serpent & Dove except there were different colors instead. Like I still loved the book immensely, but the bright red background was kind of too much for me.

I’m guessing that the last book will also be the same cover but different colors xD. Haha maybe I’ll be proved wrong, though.

MISTBORN! DEFINITELY MISTBORN! Brandon Sanderson is seriously a real genius when it comes to world-building!😍 I’ve only read the first trilogy of his Mistborn series and…….*sniff* *sniff* it’s just so beautiful🥺😭. I will never understand how this evil mastermind was able to create such a complex and amazing world. I can’t wait to read all his other series.💖

Oh wow. There’s a whole bunch of books that combine genres xD. I guess I’ll go with one of my favs last year, Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim.💕 This Mulan retelling is a mix of both fantasy & romance. Really loved Maia & Edan in this.🥰

Ahhh another great one.🙈 So much to choose, but I’ll go with the Red Winter Trilogy by Annette Marie. This is seriously such an underrated series that is just AMAZING!!!😭🤧😍 It’s based off of an Japanese mythology and it’s no question that I absolutely just love anything Japanese inspired (*cough* *cough* anime).

Emi, Shiro, and Yumei…… I love them all so much.🥺 I was blessed to have learned about this series.💞

Omg Crystal Storm (Falling Kingdoms, #5) definitely had me going like 🤬😰😱😭😬. I couldn’t stand that ending! Rhodes just had me raging the world😤😫. Thankfully, the 6th book had already come out, so I didn’t have to wait long to find out what happened next. I don’t think I would’ve EVER been able to stand waiting a year!😖

Oh boy. The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #2) literally had me at the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. The whole time I was just thinking: Is she imagining this or is this real? Imagining or real? IMAGINING OR REAL?!?!

I couldn’t trust even trust the MC because I was seriously wondering is she was just crazy and was hallucinating or it was real? Michelle Hodkin seriously just had me wondering if I could even trust my own thoughts!!! (crazy, I know😵) Both loved and hated how much this creeped me out, too xD.

Okay, when it comes to squad goals, we can all agree that The Merry Thieves from Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, #1) is just one of the best.😍 Seeing James, Matthew, Christopher, & Thomas work together (along with Lucie & Cordelia) was just hilarious and so heart-warming.🥺 They all have each other’s backs and would make sure James didn’t get into any trouble with his dad, The Will Herondale, by making up stuff.

Ahhh I love them all.🤣 Cassie always creates some of the best groups of besties.💕 Can’t wait to see more of their adventures in Chain of Iron!

Hmmmm I must say that the first thing that comes to mind is The Iron Fey series—I’ve reread that who knows how many times xD, but since I already did that then…… I guess Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) by Richelle Mead. I can never get over Adrian & Sydney🥺🥰 I love those two so much and the rest of the crew that are in those books. Pretty soon, I’ll probably do a reread.😁😉

With no doubt, Clockwork Princess always manages to make me bawl my eyes out.😭 That ending DESTROYED ME and even now…… just thinking about it makes me want to cry again.🥺💔 It was way too heartbreaking for me to handle, yet I always go back to it and give it a reread. Oh, what is wrong with me.😫

And Cassie says that the ending of The Last Hours is going to be even WORSE than Clockwork Princes, so yeah…….that scares me a lot.😰

I must admit. When I first saw that Kingdom of Ash was 984 PAGES I almost passed out.🤯 That’s got to be the largest book I’ve ever read. But honestly, I actually read it pretty fast—in only 3 days. The book went by so quick, I completely forgot that it was almost 1000 pages xD.

As of now though, The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is a book that really freaks me out and makes me wonder how I ever thought Kingdom of Ash was the longest ever seen. It’s……1007 pages and the 3rd book is 1243 pages—😨

This might be just me, but every time I look at the cover of Fire Falling (Air Awakens, #2), I can’t help but just swoon over Aldrik. I mean, just LOOK AT THE ART.😍 And it isn’t just this cover but all of Elise Kova’s books! Finding out about Air Awakens was one of the best parts of 2020. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I can tell you that as soon as I saw the cover of her books, I immediately knew I’d LOVE it.🥰

Gahhh I just love Aldrik so much! Definitely book boyfriend material.🥺

In most books I read, there’s not much similarities to real-life problems, but in Legendborn. I really loved how the author didn’t take the racial issues in our world lightly in her own world. What was seen in this book is the harsh reality of every day life here. That’s why when I was reading this, the border between the fantasy and real life were really close. It made me remember that not all fantasy books are completely fake, there’s always some teaching or lesson that should be payed a lot of attention to.

In Legendborn, Bree had to deal with a lot of racial slurs, but she never let it get to her to a severe point and always kept her head high.🥺 What an inspiration to others.

I’ll never forget the day I got Queen of Air and Darkness from one of my best friends in a Secret Santa my English class decided to do. I remember having to write on a sticky note what I’d prefer having and I wrote QoAaD. But then, I thought that what are the chances someone’s going to actually get something so specific, so I erased and just said “book”. I’d told my friend about what I’d did and it never crossed my mind that she was the one who got me.

Then the day came and I actually thought I was dreaming.😳 QoAaD was laying RIGHT THERE on my desk! Best gift ever!😍😭🤧

I was in the middle of a terrible, terrible, terrible slump when I saw Stalking Jack the Ripper pop up in my feed. I’d just finished The Queen of Nothing and everything I read after that, just felt bland to me.😕 I was KILLING me and I needed to find a way to escape from my never-ending slump. I saw SJTR and thought, “Why not?”

And OHMYGOD IT WAS AMAZING!!!😍 I found a new love meeting Thomas Cresswell.🥰🥺 It was just so captivating and I was lucky enough that the last book had already come out. I easily binge read the whole series within a week! I am eternally grateful to Kerri Maniscalco for getting me out of my slump by writing SJTR.😭💖

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Well, that wraps up my post!💕

Now……on to the tagging!

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